Seeking Female Veterans for Research Study

Surveying Women Veterans As They Grow Older

Women have served valiantly in various capacities during America's wars and conflicts since the Revolutionary War.  The addition of a nursing auxiliary to the Army during the Spanish-American War marked the first formal establishment of women in the military, with women's roles growing ever since.  World War II (WWII) was the first era in which women served in relatively large numbers and under full military status as part of the Women's Army Corps (WAC), the Navy's WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service), the Marine Corps Women's Reserve, the Coast Guard Women's Reserve (known as SPARS, Semper Paratus--Always Ready) and the WASPS (Women Air Force Service Pilots).  As of 2006, there were an estimated 149,000 living women veterans of WWII.  Since WWII, women have continued to serve under full military status in the Korean Conflict, Vietnam War and increasingly in active combat duty since the 1990s.  Only recently, however, has research begun to examine the wartime experiences of woman Veterans.

The Stress, Health, and Aging Research Project (SHARP) at the VA Boston Healthcare System is seeking female Veterans age 55 and older for a study examining the thoughts and feelings of aging Veterans related to their wartime experiences.  Through this research, we are hoping to gain a better understanding of Veterans as they age and to be able to educate healthcare workers to provide the best possible care for our older Veterans.  Participation includes a 20-minute telephone interview and a mail survey (about 70-80 minutes total).  To date, over 150 Veterans have participated in the study.  Any female Veteran aged 55 or older who is interested in participating may call our Project Coordinator, Anica Pless Kaiser, at 1-800-865-3384 ext. 45309.

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